accounting & auditing

Sperduto Spector & Company, provides a full range of accounting and auditing services specifically suited to the size and complexity of each client. 

For some clients, we conduct full-scale audits in order to render an opinion as to the financial condition of the company and the results of its operations.

For other clients, we conduct a review, which is a more limited examination of financial statements, based on analysis and inquiry.

And still for other clients, we simply compile into report form the financial data we are given, without benefit of an in-depth examination. Management then has a preliminary indication of operating results.

For small businesses, we also do what is popularly known as “write-up” work. By the use of computers, the service is made affordable for those clients who do not employ accounting or bookkeeping personnel.

operational reviews

The primary perspective for our personnel is to gain insights into how the client company is run, and to analyze the efficiency of their fiscal operations. This analytical function comes under the heading of Operational Review, from our point of view potentially the most helpful part of our client services. It has been our experience that a hard, objective look at pricing, gross margins, inventory levels, and a review of operating expenses will always lead to a stronger bottom line.

Our professionals are instructed to bear in mind the cost efficiency of 
their efforts at the client’s place of business. In short, we train our staff to think of themselves as your staff – competent and indispensable members of a successful team. 

  • Audits of financial statements

  • Compilation and review of financial statements

  • Management letters

  • Accounting policies and procedures

  • Internal control reviews

  • Operational reviews

  • Bookkeeping and write-up services

  • Personal financial statements

  • Job costing and profit center analysis


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